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1. How To Stop Paying Rent and Own Your Own Home

This is the report your landlord definitely doesn't want you to read. Learn how you can quit paying off your landlord's mortgage and own the home you've always wanted. Even if you've had a recent bankruptcy or bad credit you can still qualify.

2. How To Get The Most Money When You Sell Your Home.

This report can be worth thousands of dollars in your shows you little known ways and insider secrets on how to sell your home for top dollar. We'll even show you how to sell it yourself if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and apply the effort.

3. How To Get The Best Deal Shopping For A Mortgage

Don't end up paying thousands of dollars in interest and fees unscrupulous lenders charge you.. Learn how you can protect yourself and find the best deal when shopping for a mortgage or refinance.

4. Understanding Points and Buydowns When You Finance a Home
What are points and are they a good way to go? This report gives you the info to decide if paying points to lower your interest is worth it.

5. Agency: Who Does Your Realtor Represent?
Understand the responsibilities of your real estate agent when buying or selling a home.

6. Buying a Fixer Upper For Home or Investment
If you've ever had a dream of buying a fixer-upper for an investment or home to live in this report will show you to do it without getting eaten by the alligators.

7. How to Prep Your Home to Sell
From Sid's soon be to published book for Sellers, this chapter explains what you need to do to get your home to show best for your potential buyers.

Do You Want to Buy a Home built before 1978?

The EPA has a report on lead-based paint and what you need to do to prevent problems.